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Worldwide solidarity and pizza fuel Wisconsin protest

Ian’s Pizza delivers to Madison protesters.

Ian’s Pizza delivers to Madison protesters.

Donors from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Korea, Turkey. and dozens of other countries, as well as every U.S. state, have sent over a thousand pizzas to protesters in Madison, Wis., reports the Daily Cardinal. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have gathered at the Wisconsin Capitol in solidarity against the state’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, and his anti-union budget bill.

The pizzas are being delivered from nearby Ian’s on State Street, where macaroni and cheese pizza is a specialty. If you want to show your solidarity and send one, too, the minimum order is $20 for a large pizza; call (608) 252-9248. (If you want to taste test what sort of pizza you’re sending, Ian’s also has a branch in Wrigleyville.)

The pizzeria, however, is not taking a political stance, its assistant manager, Jack Thurnblad, told the Cardinal. “We don’t judge, we don’t really care,” he said. “If you want pizza, we’re here for you.”